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Frequently Asked Questions

  • "Can I purchase the Snow Base that comes in your Winter Effects kit seperately?"

    We do not offer it for purchase seperately, however you can get similar results by adding our Soft Flake Snow™ with an equal part of white acrylic paint. Or use it in equal part with Flex Paste™ works very well.

  • "What are the heights of the individual Scene Setters?"

    All heights approximate.

    SP4346 / SP4446 - African WildlifeElephant - 1-13/16"Giraffe - 2.1/8"Cheetah - 3/4"Lion - 7/8"Zebra - 1-1/4"

    SP4342 / SP4442 - Castle DwellersAll figures - 1-1/4"

    SP4343 / SP4443 - Native AmericansElder w/tomahawk - 1-1/2"Man w/arrow - 1-1/2"Man at campfire - 1-1/8"Man kneeling by hide - 1-1/8"Woman kneeling - 7/8"

    SP4348 / SP4448 - Alternative EnergySolar panels - 1-1/16"Wind turbine pole - 4-1/4"Wind turbine blade - 2-1/2"Wind turbine base - 1/8"

    SP4350 / SP4450 - Prehistoric LifeTyrannosaurus Rex - 1-7/8"Apatosaurus - 2-1/4"Triceratops - 1-3/8"Dimetrodon - 1-1/16"Pteranadon - 1/2"

    SP4345 / SP4445 - American Civil War SoldiersUnion w/rifle & bayonet - 1-1/4"Union standing & firing rifle - 1-1/2"Confederate loading rifle - 1-1/2"Union kneeling & firing rifle - 1"Confederate standing & firing rifle - 1"

    SP4339 / SP4439 - North American WildlifeElk - 2"Bear - 1-1/4"Deer - 1-1/2"Cougar - 1"Big Horn Sheep - 1-1/8"

    SP4344 / SP4444 - Native American HuntMan w/bow & arrow - 1-1/2"Man w/upright spear - 1-1/2"Man throwing spear - 1-1/2"Buffalo - 1-1/4"Man kneeling w/spear - 7/8"

    SP4347 / SP4447 - Marine LifeStingray - 1"Porpoise - 1/16"Killer Whale - 1"Shark - 7/8"Sailfish - 7/8"

    SP4341 / SP4441 - Egyptian CultureMan w/whip and sword - 1-1/2"Woman w/urn on head - 1-7/8"Camel - 1-1/2"Man holding stick - 1-1/2"Woman w/basket on head 1-3/4"

    SP4451 - Young AdultsAll figures - 1-1/2"

    SP4452 - Family Dad - 1-1/2"Mom - 1-3/8”Older Boy - 1-1/8”Girl - 1-1/8”Young Boy - 1”

    SP4453 – Friars/MonksStanding Friars/Monks - 1-1/2”Sitting Friar/Monk - 1-1/8”

    SP4454 - Revolutionary War SoldiersContinental Army standing and firing - 1-1/2”Continental Army loading gun - 1-3/8”Continental Army w/ two guns - 1-3/8”British Army kneeling and firing - 1-1/8”British Army w/ sword 1-7/8”

  • "How do I make realistic looking snowdrifts for my school project?"

    Use the Winter Effects Accent Kit. Mix the Snow Flakes with the Snow Base, included in the kit. This will create the perfect mixture for making snowdrifts.

  • "Can the wood that is included in the Building & Structure Kit (SP4130) be bent?"

    The Building & Structure Kit wood can only be bent if it is soaked in hot tap water first. Be sure it is completely saturated and be very careful with bending or it will break.

  • "Is your Scene-A-Rama Sculpting Clay odorless? Does it need firing or baking?"

    Our Sculpting Clay is odorless.  It air dries and needs no firing or baking.

  • "I need to make an arctic ocean diorama. Please give me some tips, I bought the winter effects kit and the back drop but how do i make ice bergs and the other stuff like on the box?"

    To make the iceberg diorama shown on the Winter Effects box, we used Scene-A-Rama Winter Effects, Ripplin’ Water Kit and Plaster Cloth, and it was modeled on the Large Project Base & Backdrop. Each Scene-A-Rama kit includes detailed instructions explaining how to use the products.

    To form the icebergs, we used strips of cardboard to make iceberg forms. The forms were filled in small newspaper wads and covered in Plaster Cloth. Snow Base and Snowflakes was applied on top of icebergs. The blue ocean was painted with Water Undercoat, and Realistic Water was added to give it a shiny or "wet" appearance. Water Effects can be dabbed on top of dried Realistic Water to create waves. 

    For more project ideas, the Scene-A-Rama A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student’s Handbook contains fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 34 different dioramas and more than 250 modeling techniques. Visit scenearama.com to view The Student's Handbook and find loads of helpful how-to videos.


  • "If I don't have newspaper to use for my Volcano Diorama, do you know any kind of paper I can use?"

    If you do not have newspaper, Plaster Cloth can be applied over No-News Paper™ or a variety of other materials, such as notebook/copy paper, brown paper bags, butcher paper, wire mesh, foil, and even balloons. 

  • "Do the Diorama Kits include the Project Base & Backdrop, or is that sold separately?"

    The Project Base & Backdrop is sold separately from the Diorama Kits.

  • "In the Building & Structure Kit instructions, how was the look of rain created on the clear plastic?"

    Etch the plastic with a straight pin or sewing needle to simulate the water. Wipe a water-based paint on the plastic, then wipe off the excess. The paint will stay in the etched areas. Let dry.

  • "I purchased the Mountain Diorama Kit and had a lot of casting plaster left over. Did I do something wrong? Also, does the included Rock Mold make all the varieties of rocks that are pictured on the packaging?"

    There is enough Casting Plaster to do 1 1/2 pours in the Rock Mold (or approximately 5 rocks). You should also have a bit leftover for attaching the rock castings and blending them into the terrain.


    Using some creative casting and modeling techniques, all of the rock castings in the Mountain Diorama Kit photo were made from the included Rock Mold. 

    Here are some tips for casting a variety of rock shapes and sizes. Try these techniques individually or in any combination.

    - Fill the Rock Mold 1/4 to 1/2 full of Casting Plaster. Let dry until set.

    - Fill the Rock Mold 1/4 to 1/2 full, then tilt on its end or side for different rock shapes. Prop something under the mold to support it while the Casting Plaster sets.

    - Break rock castings into smaller pieces.

    - Attach the rock castings in a variety of different directions for a unique look, such as sideways, upside down, etc.



  • "For my school project, how do I give the matte-white Snow Base included with the Winter Effects Kit a crystalized, icy look?"

    Mix a small amount of ultra-fine iridescent glitter with Snowflakes before applying.

  • "I purchased your Scene-A-Rama Winter Effects Kit and love it! Can I purchase the 'Snow Base' and 'Ice Effects' separately for larger projects?"

    We do not sell items from the Winter Effects kit separately. We do have products in our Woodland Scenics product line that are comparable.Flex Paste - Use to model snowfall.Soft Flake Snow - Sprinkle on top of Flex Paste or use alone for a light snow dusting. Attach with Scenic Cement (S191).Realistic Water - Use as Ice Effects.Water Effects - Use to model icicles.

  • "How much area will the Water products in the Water Diorama Kit cover?"

    The Water Diorama Kit includes a 2-fluid ounce jar of Realistic Water, which will model a pond 6-inches in diameter when poured 1/8-inch deep or 28 square inches. When brushed on, it covers 196 square inches.


    Water Effects coverage depends on usage.

  • "What was used for the water effect in your how-to video about building a desert diorama?"

    The water feature in the video was modeled using Water Undercoat and Realistic Water, which are included in the Ripplin’ Water Kit. The products are also sold individually.Water Undercoat Realistic Water

  • "How do I make a waterfall for my school project?"

    A waterfall can be made with the Waterfall Diorama Kit or the Ripplin' Water Accents Kit (SP4122). The kit includes complete step-by-step, illustrated instructions.

  • "Is there anything that can be substitued for the 'release paper' included in the Ripplin' Water Kit?"

    For release paper you can substitute freezer paper or a non-stick pan.

  • "Approximately how long does the whole process take to make the Volcano diorama?"

    The volcano in the Scene-A-Rama "Erupting Volcano" video can be completed in a few hours. It takes 1-2 hours to build the volcano structure (newspaper wads and Plaster Cloth). After applying the Plaster Cloth, let it dry for a couple of hours before painting. The Plaster Cloth can be painted while it is damp, it does not need to be completely dry. Let the volcano dry completely before erupting it.

  • "Can the volcano made with the Volcano Project Pack erupt more than one time?"

    Yes, it can be erupted multiple times. However, the landscape materials on the exterior of the volcano will eventually break down from the moisture of the eruption mixture.


    Here's how to make additional Eruption Mixture 1. Mix 1 drop yellow and 1 drop red food coloring with 2 fluid ounces of vinegar.2. Pour 2 teaspoons baking soda into Volcano Tube.3. Pour vinegar mixture into Volcano Tube and watch it erupt!

  • "What scale are the Scene-A-Rama Scene Setters figures?"

    Scene-A-Rama Scene Setters are not a true scale, they are sized for school projects. Most are closest to O scale.

  • "My 4th grader needs to make a diorama of the Battle of the Alamo. Help!"

    When building a diorama, the best place to start is with photos of your subject. You can find an example of an Alamo diorama plus instructions in the A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student's Handbook. For that diorama, we used the Basic Diorama Kit, Building & Structure Kit and the Large Base & Backdrop.

  • "Any tips on how to make a Water Mill for the Scene-A-Rama Water Mill Diorama?"

    We used the Building & Structure Kit to make the Water Wheel and the Mill and the Water Diorama Kit for the landscape. Step-by-step, illustrated instructions are included with each kit explaining how to use the products.

    Here are some tips on making the Water Wheel. Cut Project Board into two circles for the wheel. Use Project Sticks for the spokes on the wheel. Use Project Board for the paddles. Use a household dowel or skewer for the center support of the wheel. Use Project Sticks and Project Board to model the supporting frame.

  • "Do you have any ideas on how to do an Ancient Egyptian farming project?"

    The first step in any project is to do research. Print or copy photos to use as a reference throughout the design and build process. Photos are a great tool to help visualize a finished diorama and stay on track while building it.

    Popular Scene-A-Rama products for constructing an Egyptian project are the Desert Oasis Diorama Kit, Ripplin' Water Kit and Scene Setters - Egyptian Culture. There are loads of helpful how-to videos and step-by-step, illustrated downloadable instructions on our website demonstrating how to use the products in various ways to build dioramas from start to finish. We also recommend the A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student's Handbook, it contains 34 step-by-step projects and more than 250 modeling tips and techniques. It is available for free download.

  • "What are the lengths of the P3915 and P3914 tungsten cylinder weights?"

    There are three different thicknesses of weights included with these sets. 1/16 oz (1.77 g) = 0.48" (12 mm) thick3/16 oz (5.33 g) = 0.18" (4.5 mm) thick1/2 oz (14.1 g) = 0.06" (1.5 mm) thick

  • "Are instructions included on how to do the projects shown on the product package?"

    We developed Scene-A-Rama® as a line of versatile products that students could use to make any project. We do not include exact instructions for making the dioramas shown on the packaging. Instead, the instructions include illustrated guidelines, tips and techniques for using the included materials in a variety of ways. Using this information, you can make the project as it appears on the packaging or you can use your creativity and imagination to make a unique project and/or one that matches the specifics of a particular assignment. You also may want to take a look at A+ Projects and Dioramas: A Student's Handbook. The 200-page handbook is a complete modeling resource. It includes specific instructions for 34 school projects and 250+ tips and techniques for using Scene-A-Rama materials.

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