A+ Projects and Dioramas: A Student's Handbook

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  • Description

    A+ Projects and Dioramas is a complete, 202-page, spiral-bound resource for modeling all kinds of projects and dioramas, whether for a school assignment or just for fun.

    Section One contains fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for making 34 different school projects for commonly studied subjects. Construct projects exactly as shown or create a similar project by combining the instructions with the tips and techniques found in section two.

    Section Two contains more than 250 modeling tips and techniques detailing how to display a project, create terrain and landscape, sculpt, construct and detail structures and paint. Once you learn the simple techniques, you will have the skills needed to make unique school projects or construct any type of model.

    Click here to download a free pdf of this book

  • A+ Projects and Dioramas: A Student's Handbook

    Use this complete resource to model any project or diorama with fully-illustrated instructions, as well as tips and techniques, for how to make 34 different projects.

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    • Do you have any ideas on how to do an Ancient Egyptian farming project?

      The first step in any project is to do research. Print or copy photos to use as a reference throughout the design and build process. Photos are a great tool to help visualize a finished diorama and stay on track while building it.

      Popular Scene-A-Rama products for constructing an Egyptian project are the Desert Oasis Diorama Kit, Ripplin' Water Kit and Scene Setters - Egyptian Culture. There are loads of helpful how-to videos and step-by-step, illustrated downloadable instructions on our website demonstrating how to use the products in various ways to build dioramas from start to finish. We also recommend the A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student's Handbook, it contains 34 step-by-step projects and more than 250 modeling tips and techniques. It is available for free download.

    • I need to make an arctic ocean diorama. Please give me some tips, I bought the winter effects kit and the back drop but how do i make ice bergs and the other stuff like on the box?

      To make the iceberg diorama shown on the Winter Effects box, we used Scene-A-Rama Winter Effects, Ripplin’ Water Kit and Plaster Cloth, and it was modeled on the Large Project Base & Backdrop. Each Scene-A-Rama kit includes detailed instructions explaining how to use the products.

      To form the icebergs, we used strips of cardboard to make iceberg forms. The forms were filled in small newspaper wads and covered in Plaster Cloth. Snow Base and Snowflakes was applied on top of icebergs. The blue ocean was painted with Water Undercoat, and Realistic Water was added to give it a shiny or "wet" appearance. Water Effects can be dabbed on top of dried Realistic Water to create waves. 

      For more project ideas, the Scene-A-Rama A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student’s Handbook contains fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 34 different dioramas and more than 250 modeling techniques. Visit scenearama.com to view The Student's Handbook and find loads of helpful how-to videos.

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