Egyptian Culture Scene Setters®

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    The many achievements of the ancient civilization that built the pyramids included the development of construction principles still followed today. The Egyptians also developed irrigation, the modern practice of medicine and built the first ships.

    Figures range from 1.5" to 1.9" (3.81 cm to 4.83 cm) in height.

    Colors may vary from actual product.

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    • 5 pcs
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    Safety Warning

    WARNING: Choking Hazard!

    Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years. Adult supervision required.

    AVERTISSEMENT: Danger d'étranglement! Petites pièces. Pas recommandé pour les enfants

    de moins de 3 ans. Supervision d'un adulte requise.

    ADVERTENCIA: ¡Peligro de ahogarse! Partes pequeñas. No diseñado para el uso de

    niños menores de 3 años. Supervisión de un adulto requerida.

    ASTM Certified

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    • Do you have any ideas on how to do an Ancient Egyptian farming project?

      The first step in any project is to do research. Print or copy photos to use as a reference throughout the design and build process. Photos are a great tool to help visualize a finished diorama and stay on track while building it.

      Popular Scene-A-Rama products for constructing an Egyptian project are the Desert Oasis Diorama Kit, Ripplin' Water Kit and Scene Setters - Egyptian Culture. There are loads of helpful how-to videos and step-by-step, illustrated downloadable instructions on our website demonstrating how to use the products in various ways to build dioramas from start to finish. We also recommend the A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student's Handbook, it contains 34 step-by-step projects and more than 250 modeling tips and techniques. It is available for free download.

    • What are the heights of the individual Scene Setters?

      All heights approximate.

      SP4346 / SP4446 - African Wildlife
      Elephant - 1-13/16"
      Giraffe - 2.1/8"
      Cheetah - 3/4"
      Lion - 7/8"
      Zebra - 1-1/4"

      SP4342 / SP4442 - Castle Dwellers
      All figures - 1-1/4"

      SP4343 / SP4443 - Native Americans
      Elder w/tomahawk - 1-1/2"
      Man w/arrow - 1-1/2"
      Man at campfire - 1-1/8"
      Man kneeling by hide - 1-1/8"
      Woman kneeling - 7/8"

      SP4348 / SP4448 - Alternative Energy
      Solar panels - 1-1/16"
      Wind turbine pole - 4-1/4"
      Wind turbine blade - 2-1/2"
      Wind turbine base - 1/8"

      SP4350 / SP4450 - Prehistoric Life
      Tyrannosaurus Rex - 1-7/8"
      Apatosaurus - 2-1/4"
      Triceratops - 1-3/8"
      Dimetrodon - 1-1/16"
      Pteranadon - 1/2"

      SP4345 / SP4445 - American Civil War Soldiers
      Union w/rifle & bayonet - 1-1/4"
      Union standing & firing rifle - 1-1/2"
      Confederate loading rifle - 1-1/2"
      Union kneeling & firing rifle - 1"
      Confederate standing & firing rifle - 1"

      SP4339 / SP4439 - North American Wildlife
      Elk - 2"
      Bear - 1-1/4"
      Deer - 1-1/2"
      Cougar - 1"
      Big Horn Sheep - 1-1/8"

      SP4344 / SP4444 - Native American Hunt
      Man w/bow & arrow - 1-1/2"
      Man w/upright spear - 1-1/2"
      Man throwing spear - 1-1/2"
      Buffalo - 1-1/4"
      Man kneeling w/spear - 7/8"

      SP4347 / SP4447 - Marine Life
      Stingray - 1"
      Porpoise - 1/16"
      Killer Whale - 1"
      Shark - 7/8"
      Sailfish - 7/8"

      SP4341 / SP4441 - Egyptian Culture
      Man w/whip and sword - 1-1/2"
      Woman w/urn on head - 1-7/8"
      Camel - 1-1/2"
      Man holding stick - 1-1/2"
      Woman w/basket on head 1-3/4"

      SP4451 - Young Adults
      All figures - 1-1/2"

      SP4452 - Family
      Dad - 1-1/2"
      Mom - 1-3/8”
      Older Boy - 1-1/8”
      Girl - 1-1/8”
      Young Boy - 1”

      SP4453 – Friars/Monks
      Standing Friars/Monks - 1-1/2”
      Sitting Friar/Monk - 1-1/8”

      SP4454 - Revolutionary War Soldiers
      Continental Army standing and firing - 1-1/2”
      Continental Army loading gun - 1-3/8”
      Continental Army w/ two guns - 1-3/8”
      British Army kneeling and firing - 1-1/8”
      British Army w/ sword 1-7/8”